Top3 Youtube explain about Film


Here are my top3 + bonus youtube channel that explains about films such as storytelling, camera works, screenplay etc.

1. Lessons from the Screenplay


It’s about screenplay or how to tell a story in movies and TV dramas are well explained in this youtube. The latest one explained or more like asked the producer of a smash hit video game called Last of Us, how is it different from normal movies. This youtube channel explain you why good movies are good and why bad movies are bad at telling story. Before, I was just watching movies but after watching this I began to think what’s the intention of the director and how they make a single consistent and interesting story. The channel doesn’t post video frequently but once in a month or so with well thought video.

2. Now you see it(ナウ・ユー・シー・イット)

Now You See Itは、映画に関する様々な事を紹介、説明するチャンネルです。一言で形容できないのですが、例えば、映画における手の意味(手をクロースアップして移すことが多々あるので; Hands in Movies)、映画のおける音のデザインの仕方(Sound design: lying to your ears)、女性の演出の仕方(Writing Women)など、映画や脚本に関わることを紹介しています。チャンネルには、大学の映画分析のクラスからレクチャーホール(大教室)、エッセイ課題、学費奨学金の借金を引いたものと紹介しています。

“Now You See It” talks and explain various film related matters. It is hard to explain in a single word or phrase but it talks about, for example, the meaning of hands in the movie (since often hands are on the focus in the films; Hands in Movies), sound design in the film (Sound design: lying to your ears), Women in the storytelling (Writing Women) etc. Channel explain itself as It’s like a college film analysis class minus the lecture halls, essay assignments, and student loan debts.

3. Nerdwriter1(ナードライター1)

脚本や映画の撮り方を実際の映画を使いながら紹介・説明して、いいところや悪いところを紹介しています。紹介したScreenplayやNow you see itと似ていますね。この最新の動画では、去年出たToy Story4のカメラフォーカスについて紹介しています(アニメなので実際はカメラはないのですが、より実際の映画に似せるために実際の映画で使うカメラ技法を使っているんです)。毎週水曜日アップしており、嬉しいです。

This channel introduce and explains film related things such as storytelling, camera works etc. while reviewing good and bad movies. It is more or less similar to screenplay and now you see it. The latest youtube explains how the animator of Toy Story 4 used fake camera (Since it’s animation, there is now real camera but to make it realistic they used camera focus technique in the animation). Uploading every Wednesday so its great!

Bonus: Corridor crew(コリドー・クルー)


Corridor Crew reacts and explain the good and bad CGI effects of movies. Every so often, they invite thier stuntman friend and react to stunt action scenes of the film.