Top6 Live News Channel on YouTube for English Study and Tips


Studying English is hard. Even though you study hard, it’s very hard to master it. Reading a vocabulary book but you often forget the word you learned.  

So one of the efficient methods to study English is “to listen as many English as much”

The key of this method is to listen to English 24/7, wherever you are, whenever it is while doing your conventional English study such as reading vocabulary books, tackling the TOEFL exam.

By maximizing the time you listen/watch English (music, TV, podcasts, and etc.), the vocabularies and phrases that you heard of will expand and build a foundation of having a better English ability.

CNN and BBC radio news and podcasts are well known.

But sometimes we want to have more variety and often want to “watch” the news.

This article will introduce some good Live News channels on YouTube and tips on how to effectively improve your English by listening/watching them.

ABC News

Provided by ABC, one of the media giant. Content had wide range from entertainment to the headline news across the US.

Sky News Live

UK based news broadcast. If you want to practice your British English listening ability, this is for you. They have a UK and surrounding European countries.

ABC News Australia

This is for the people who want to get familiar with Australian English’s calming accents and rhythm and want to know what’s happening around Australia.

Eurones (in English)

Eurones is a European broadcast. This is a great YouTube live news channel for whom interested into European news but don’t know the local languages.

Al Jazeera English

Qatar based international news channel. The name Al Jazeera might be intimidating and guesses the focus is in middle east, but don’t worry.

This channel provides world wide news happening in around the world. On the other hand, this may not be the best channel if you want to know about middle east.


Singapore news channel CAN broadcasts news in Singapore and the surrounding region such as southeast Asia, china, Oceania countries.

Tips on Studying English by using Live News Channels on YouTube

Tip1: Use your spare time

The first tip is to use your spare time effectively.

The first tip is to effectively use your spare time which we all have in our life

You can watch these YouTubes while cleaning house, doing laundrys, doing the dishes, commuting, studying/working, anytime when your hands are moving but your ears are not doing anything.

I usually listen/watch them while working on my PC, browsing and doing the dishes either with my PC or iPad/iPhone.

Tip2: Watch the channel you are most interested

The second tip is to watch/listen to the channel you are like or you want to know about more.

As everyone says, “what one likes, one will do well.”

The more you like the content, the easier to keep studying English.

As for me, I was watching ABC live news quite often since I was planning to go to the US in March and was concerned about the situation of COVID-19.

While listening/watching the news, I frequently heard a word “Quarantine” and by listening and watching many times, I understood and remembered that it means to keep someone in isolation.

BTW, sadly due to the rapid spread of the virus, I had to cancel the trip to the US.

Tip3: Don’t over study

The final tip is not to over study.

English used in news are very fast-tempo, and the content varies widely from economic to crime, sports, entertainment.

It’s natural that you will hear many vocabularies that you never heard of.

I would say to you, you don’t have to search every single vocabulary.

The important point in listening/watching these YouTubes are to establish the foundation of English skills by “getting use to English” and by “expanding vocabularies and phrases that you heard of.”

I also come across to the vocabularies, I don’t know the meaning.

I won’t look up the dictionary unless I got really anxious and really wanted to know.

The reason behind this is that you will experience an “a-ha moment “, which makes it easier to remember things and fun.

For example, while doing your other English study such as going through your vocabulary book and preparing for TOEFL exam and you found the word which you heard before, but you don’t know or forgot the meaning.

You may experience “Oh! That’s the meaning of that word that I kept hearing” moment.


This article introduced some YouTube Live News channels and tips to effectively use them for your English study.

Let’s build the foundation of English skill by watching or listening to the live news in the spare time.

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