Netflix Movie「Sergio」Review & Rating


Netflix Movie「Sergio」is based on a real-life story of now-deceased charismatic UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello.

Netflix Movie「Sergio」Plots

Passions, ideals and bitter realities collide as charismatic UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello becomes trapped in a life-threatening situation in Iraq


Netflix Movie「Sergio」Review and Rating

Thumbs up(*’ω’*)

  • Understood a little more about the UN’s activity
    As Japanese, we don’t really have a chance to know a lot of UN.
    I know they are doing something important but not really know exactly what they are doing.
    Watching this movie, gave me some idea what the UN is doing for world peace.
  • Wagner Moura and Ana de Armas did a great acting
    As an audience, I felt Wanger Moura who plays Sergio and Ana de Armas who plays Carolina had strong chemistry and it showed in the acting.
    Also, the flawless transition of conversation from English to Portages and French was something I felt so cool.
  • Great Use of Real Media Footages
    This is based on a true incident.
    Actual news footages and interview videos were used in the film which gave a realness to the movie.
    The realness is something very important when the subject is based on a real even.

Thumbs down(-_-)zzz

  • Hard to follow the story
    There are many flashbacks.
    And the flashback is not just only to one point but several time points and each scene are often very short.
    Having no background, it was hard to find when are the current scenes and how it connects to the present timeline.
    The story would be easier to understand and have a deeper connection to the characters if it was told in a chronological way or combine several flashback scenes and combine to longer flashbacks.
  • The tempo is slow
    I felt the progress of the story was too slow.
    Partly because there were many scenes of nature that I cannot deny the beauty, and b-rolls, and mostly does not progress the stories.
    For me, reducing scenes of nature and b-roll and inserting more scenes of the current mission or previous mission will pace up and give more depth to the story.
  • Sergio isn’t the best father (just personal thoughts)
    Sergio had a wife and has two sons, but they were being neglected.
    Although he is one of the most charismatic person and has high social status, I couldn’t agree with the action that he ignored his family was being ignored.
    A documentary movie of the same title “Sergio” partially displays the fact, when deployed to Cambodia where he was deployed before East Timor, he also had an affair with another UN officer.


Personal Rating 5/10

IMDB Rating 6.3/10 (1766 votes, as of April 20th, 2020)

Not extremely bad but I won’t watch it the second time

To be honest, the documentary version is easier to follow the story and had a stronger impression of who is Sergio and what he did.